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실크로드 하노이 본사

Address R.516 Charm Vit Tower, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL +84.243.552.7777 FAX +84.243.556.6000

실크로드 다낭 영업소

Address 58-60 Tran Van Tra, Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
TEL +84.236.367.5799 FAX +84.243.556.6000

실크로드 하노이 영업소

Address Lot XN 46-4, Dai An Industrial Zone, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong, Vietnam
TEL +84.220.355.5500 FAX +84.220.355.5505
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