Hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy‘WORLD CLASS 300’ Project Selected as the company to receive support

SILKROAD, established in 1983, is a leading manufacturer in Korea in the areas of chemical admixtures for concrete, accelerators for tunnel, grinding aids for cement, and eco-friendly flooring materials. It aims to grow to a global company based on it's accumulated experiences and know-hows

Chairman Park, Min Hoan 박민환

Based on its management philosophy, "contributing to the development of the company, the society, the country and human culture through individual development", it fosters future leaders with systematic training courses and offers various employee welfare programs. Such a management philosophy has been the driving force for the growth of each employee and the company.

The company has continued to grow for the past 40 years thanks to the "trained employees" who constantly developed themselves to become more competitiveness and "technologies" resulting from R&D investment. The SILKROAD is currently recognized as the No. 1 company in the construction industry for being a reliable company that offers advanced technology, customized product quality and technical support for customers. The remarkable achievement is attributable to the constant efforts and commitment for R&D and investment over the last 40 years to supply optimum products to the industry in the ever-changing environment.

SILKROAD is advancing into overseas markets with its accumulated technology, stable product quality and technical support, resulting in exports to over 70 countries around the world, mostly Asia, the Middle East and Europe. SILKROAD, selected as a “WORLD CLASS 300” project company by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2011, is expanding beyond the local market to the globe by winning $50 Million Export Tower Award in 2019 and being awarded the "Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit" at the National Productivity Award in 2021.

SILKROAD is contributing to the development of human culture through arts and culture by promoting the values of coexistence and the spirit of sharing. The representative Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities include live concerts entitled "Going Together" that sponsors the unprivileged but talented youth, overseas cultural trips that provide opportunities for youth to visit cultural heritages and learn foreign languages, and "Mecenat" activities supporting fine arts-related groups. In addition, SILKROAD contributes to develop billiard sports by sponsoring billiards players who belong to SILKROAD professional billiards team. The company will support consistently local communities and the field of arts and culture to carry out its CSR.

The company promises to make its utmost efforts to provide high quality products, better technologies and customized services for the satisfactory completion of all customers' projects.

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