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Business Areas
Concrete Chemical Admixtures PCE
High Performance Water reducer
Air Entraining agent
Special Admixtures Admixtures for blast-furnace slag
Admixtures for precasting and PHC Pile (PR)
Anti-corronsion type (PCI3000)
Crack-reduction type (PCR)
Chemical admixture for extremely hot weather (PFR3000)
Admixtures for Crushed Sands (PCM2000)
Super Retarding Agent
Antiwashout admixtures
Chemical admixtures for nuclear power plant
Cement Grinding aids General grinding aids
Functional grinding aids
Mortar Grout, Self-leveling mortar
Adhesive Tile bond
Waterproofing materials Powder type, Liquid type
Finishing materials Surface / Wall / Functional finishing materials
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