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In June 2018, SILKROAD founded the <SILKROAD Billiards Team> to increase in popularity of billiards sport and help its players perform better at the games. SILKROAD sponsorship is not limited to Koreans, but also open to foreign professional billiards players who are active across the world.

In addition, we will hold and sponsor many domestic and international billiards competitions for professional billiards and amateur athletes, and strive to develop them into a global sport.

Established the SILKROAD Billiards Team

SILKROAD founded <SILKROAD Billiards Team> and recruited 3-Cushion star player, Cho, Myung Woo and ladies 3-Cushion best player, Kim, Min A to help the players focus on their sports.

International Billiards Player Sponsorship

SILKROAD is sponsoring Vietnam's first 3-Cushion World Cup champion, Tran Quyet Chien and Cambodia's strongest player, Sruong Pheavy.

Holding and Sponsoring Billiards Competitions

For the development of billiards sports, SILKROAD holds amateur billiards competitions and sponsors professional billiards tournaments.

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